Director's Greetings



Thank you for opening the home page of the Saku Central Hospital. It is our earnest wish to promptly provide you with information of a sort which will be of service and help to you on our delivery of health and medical care.

Here are some features of the Saku Central Hospital.

One is that our hospital, equipped with high-tech facilities and equipment of the same kind which are available in any major city for medical care, deliveres sophisticated medical care in its 27 clinics. Emergency care, in particular, is delivered around the clock.

Another thing is that we have a center for the delivery of comprehensive and multiphasic health care, setting aside much of our time and energy for mass health screenings and health education. To say the least of the activities of caravan mass health screening teams, we also concentrate our effort on the management of what is known as the "human dock" in Japan, a system in which sophisticated health checkups are provided on a one- or two-day basis.

A third thing is that as an era of aging is ushered in, we have five home nursing stations to energetically grapple with home care and nursing for the bedridden in addition to its annexed Geriatric Health Care Facility.

We are determined to make every effort to further enhance our community care hand in hand with our local community residents. Thank you.